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AMD Trinity A10-5800K benches are out

by on21 March 2012

Not sure what to make of it

AMD’s upcoming A10-5800K APU has apparently been put to the test and the benchmarks show mixed results. Of course, we cannot verify any of the results, so take them with a grain of salt.

The new Trinity based quad-core runs at 3.8GHz, but it overclocks to 4.2GHz on Turbo Core. It features 4MB of L3 cache and powerful HD 7660D graphics, all packed in a 100W TDP envelope.

Pitted against the Llano based A8-3850K, the new Trinity core shows superior GPU performance, but the CPU part doesn’t seem too impressive. In 3Dmark 06, Trinity scores 4303, while Llano manages 3814. The advantage widens in SM 2.0 tests, with 3285 marks versus 2139 and in SM 3.0 tests Trinity hits 4067, while the old Llano churns out 2552.

So it is great in GPU intensive tests, but overall it is not too impressive. In Super Pi it is only 12 percent faster than Llano, but Super Pi is not a very comprehensive benchmark.

AMD is expecting Trinity to deliver an overall performance boost of about 30 percent, but as far as we can gather, most of the improvement is down to the new GPU core, not the Bulldozer-derived Piledriver CPU core.

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