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Kaveri 28nm APU scheduled for January 2013

by on21 March 2012

Great graphics performance

AMD had to cancel Krishna and Wichita as GlobalFoundries could not deliver these parts before the latter part of this year. This seemed too late for AMD and this is why they have shifted its plans to a new Kaveri 28nm APU.

Kaveri will have Steamroller-based cores. These are the cores that are coming after Pilediver Bulldozer cores that will find its place in the upcoming Trinity APU.

According to well-informed sources, Kaveri 28nm APU and both desktop and notebook versions are scheduled to launch at CES 2013. This is the current plan and GlobalFoundries should be able to make these new 28nm processors on time.

Kaveri is set to replace 32nm Trinity in A10, A8, A6 and A4 market segment and it will be dual to quad core based processor with very good DirectX 11 graphics. It will support DDR 2133 memory and socket FS2L for desktop.

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