Texas about to stuff up its power grid for cryptocurrency miners
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At this rate the Mexicans will not want it back

Texas, which has one of the most dodgy power grids in the US, is about to be hit by a surge in demand for electricity that's twice the size of Austin's as part of local government policy.

El Salvador's move to Bitcoin sparks praise and skepticism
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Done too quick 

The move by El Salvador to move to Bitcoin as legal tender has been greeted with praise and brickbats across the financial markets.

Amazon denies Bitcoin rumour
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Bitcoin investors are getting desperate

Desperate to stop haemorrhage losses in Bitcoin value, some wise guy thought it a wizard idea to spread a rumour that Amazon was going to start accepting the monopoly money.

EU will force data collection on Bitcoin
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Will be traceable or be banned 

Proposed changes to EU law would force companies that transfer Bitcoin or other crypto-assets to collect details on the recipient and sender.

Malaysia crushes 1,069 bitcoin mining rigs
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What a waste

Malaysian authorities seized 1,069 bitcoin mining rigs, laid them out in a parking lot at police headquarters, and used a steamroller to crush them, as part of a joint operation between law enforcement in the city of Miri and electric utility Sarawak Energy.

China crack down not the reason for bitcoin crash
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Miners had enough before it happened

A narrative that has bitcoin crashing as Chinese authorities cracked down on miners behind the bamboo curtain is a fantasy, according to the University of Cambridge.

Swedish bloke gets 15 years for bitcoin scam
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Apparently told gullible it had value

A Swedish man wanted by the United States for defrauding over 3,500 victims of more than $16 million has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for securities fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering.

Bitcoin private equity company pollutes lake claim residents
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Company hits back

A private equity outfit that converted a natural gas-fired power station into a bitcoin factory has been accused of polluting the atmosphere and heating up a pristine glacial lake, although the company says it is untrue.

Bitcoin mining just became easier and more profitable
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Thanks to China thar's gold in them thar hills

The Chinese crackdown on bitcoin miners might have caused the price to fall, but it just made mining more lucrative for the rest of the world.

Bitcoin billionaire drowns
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He couldn’t take it with him

Billionaire bitcoin owner Mircea Popescu has  died, leaving behind a cache of virtual currency and a controversial crypto legacy.