Apple TV users forced to buy an iPhone
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Otherwise your device is just another brick in the wall

Apple is forcing its Apple TV users to buy an iPhone.

Apple is out of control on spending
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Wall Street worried about wasted cash on Apple TV

Fruity cargo-cult Apple, founded on ruthless cost controls and excessive margins, has been spending money like water lately.

Apple wants people to buy its old Apple TVs
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Offering a “discount”

Fruity cargo cult Apple has so many Apple TV boxes sitting in its US warehouses it is giving users an unheard of discount to take them off their hands.

Apple cuts off iTunes from "obsolete" Apple TV
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Upgrade to an expensive new Apple TV

Fruity cargo cult Apple has decided that the easiest way to get its users to upgrade to its new Apple TV is to pull the plug on iTunes.

Apple complains that 4K is overpriced
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Pot calls kettle black

The maker of over priced electronic gear, Apple is having an ironic moan about the price of 4K.

Vevo updates Android and Apple TV applications
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Instagram-like user interface for everyone

Following the release of an updated iOS application, Vevo has just released a native tvOS Apple TV and Android TV application packed with similar features.

5th generation Apple TV trialed
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In the shops in first quarter

The Fruity cargo cult Apple so loved the way its Apple TV took off this year without requiring much of the way of new features, that it is planning to do the same thing again early next year.

Apple taking preorders for new TV
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Fourth generation arrives Friday

Apple has just started accepting the pre-orders for the fourth generation Apple TV. You can get one in USA or most parts of the Europe.

Apple TV non-starter in the games industry
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Analysts say it is going no-where fast

While the Apple fruity cargo cult is pushing the world to see its TV as a gaming machine, it has not got any chance at all, according analysts.

Apple TV is out $149 with no 4K support
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Speaks Siri, has touch remote 

Apple seems to think that it is all about apps when it comes to the TV, but sorry it is and it will always be about content.