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Apple TV non-starter in the games industry

by on15 September 2015

Analysts say it is going no-where fast

While the Apple fruity cargo cult is pushing the world to see its TV as a gaming machine, it has not got any chance at all, according analysts.

A report by Digitimes Research has poured cold water on Apple's developments for improving the user experience on its new Apple TV.

In fact, the report said that there is no clear direction as to how the device can create new gaming experiences compared with other hardware applications.

As a result if Apple tries to position its Apple TV against video game units from Sony and Microsoft, it will get a good kicking.

The Apple tvOS does have some good things going for it, like touch control and voice activation features which might work in the OTT and smart TV markets due to the access and variety in content viewing through apps.

However, for it to work in the gaming industry, developers would have to back that tech, something that is unlikely.

That said Apple TV is expected to see steady sales due to competitive pricing and due to the devices overall app services that are expected to spur a shift in content viewing behaviour.

It is just that if you hear stories that it is going to step out of its market and kill off the Xbox or PS4, just laugh at the fanboy who makes the claim – chances are they have never used either.

Last modified on 15 September 2015
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