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EA not buying CD Projekt Red

by on15 September 2015

Daft rumour of the week

CD Projekt Red has issued a formal statement denying a daft rumour that it might be selling itself to EA Games.

The rumour started on a site called DSOGaming, which heard from a supposed employee of CD Projekt Red that the company was in talks with publisher Electronic Arts about a "potential takeover".

The source gave the website a payslip to prove he worked at the company, although he probably could not prove that the deal was real.

CD Projekt Red said that the rumour had gone viral and we think it deserves to be put to bed.

Marcin Iwinski, co-founder of CD Projekt Red, on behalf of the Board. "We are not talking with anyone regarding selling CD Projekt Red or Period."

Apparently the payslip was a fake and was not issued by CD Projekt Red.

The rumour was addressed on Twitter yesterday, with the following exchange from community manager Marcin Momot who said that it would go against the staunchly independent nature of The Witcher 3 development studio.

Witcher 3 sold six million copies in six weeks, and seeing as its effectively self-published, that should mean the studio is in clover.

Heart of Stones, which is Witcher 3's first expansion should arrive on October 13, which will add another 10 hours of gameplay. Hard to see why on earth anyone would sell.

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