Apple to stick with 5nm at TSMC for A16 Bionic chip
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A16 Bionic might bring only minor improvements

According to a fresh rumor, it appears that the new A16 Bionic chip from Apple will have to stick to the same 5nm manufacturing process, bringing just minor improvements.

Apple event shows how bad the mainstream press has become
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Release something and the Tame Apple Press goes mental 

Fruity and nutty cargo-cult Apple has released some new products and the Tame Apple Press is falling over itself to hype the overpriced mediocre products.

Analysts see eight-cores in Galaxy phones, we don't

18 December 2012

Tegra 4 spec leaked

Nothing to see here, move along

H13 is the name, debuts at CES

The chip, designs maybe

Wipes the floor with OMAP4 and Tegra 3

28nm dual A15 beats Nvidia’s 40nm quad-core

MWC 2011: Some tape outs this year