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Exynos could soon go eight core, big.LITTLE style

by on19 December 2012

Analysts see eight-cores in Galaxy phones, we don't

You have to love December in tech. The industry is practically asleep, big players are saving their announcements for CES and with the Christmas season just around the corner, things are unusually docile.

What better time to launch outlandish rumours? We had no shortage of juicy and downright ridiculous rumours in recent weeks and today’s pick comes from Korean semi analysts. KB Investment Securities believes Samsung will unveil its eight-core big.LITTLE processor sooner than anybody though. Furthermore, they claim it could even end up in the Galaxy S IV, although we wouldn’t hold our breath.

Samsung is scheduled to showcase the new chip in February, so we think it is very unlikely that it will end up in the S IV. The big.LITTLE processor features two quad-core processor clusters, one based on A15 cores and the second on A7 cores. Although it’s a 28nm part, it still sounds a bit too big and too elaborate for phones.

The Galaxy S IV is expected to feature a quad-core A15 chip, and one of the names being thrown around is Exynos 5440.

So why even report this if we don’t believe the rumour? (I'm starting to wonder too. Ed)

Well, KB Investment Securities looks like a relatively serious outfit and even if they got the product wrong, in this case the S IV, it could be a sign that Samsung’s big.LITTLE concept will be more than vaporware. We still doubt it will see service in smartphones, but it could be a killer chip for next generation tablets, or perhaps chromebooks.

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