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LG developing ARM chip for smart TVs

by on03 December 2012

H13 is the name, debuts at CES

Although LG has been in the smartphone game for years, the company was never a major player or a trendsetter. LG ditched the tablet market earlier this year, but it’s appears the Korean giant is still quite interested in ARM chips.

The Korea Times reports that LG will showcase its first ARM based processor at CES 2013, but unlike Samsung’s Exynos line or Nvidia’s Tegra, LG’s H13 is specifically designed to power smart TVs. The H13 will be built by TSMC in 28nm and it is expected to be based on ARM’s A15 architecture.

However, it doesn’t take too much imagination to consider wider possibilities. LG could eventually proceed to design chips for some of its mobile phones as well, and the company does not shy away from beefy phone chips. Back in 2011, LG introduced the world’s first dual-core phone and earlier this year it raised the bar with the first Krait quad-core phone, the Optimus G, which of course is the basis for Google’s Nexus.

The H13 won’t end up in phones or tablets. The “H” denotes “Home Entertainment,” while “13” refers to 2013. However, the fact that it will use TSMC’s 28nm node means it should be power efficient, which really isn’t a priority in smart TVs, so there’s still a slight chance that LG could proceed to develop a proper mobile chip based on the H13.

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