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Apple reportedly poaches TI engineers

by on04 December 2012

Open season in Israel?

Apple is reportedly prowling the Holy Land in search of former Texas Instruments engineers. According to Apple Insider, the outfit has already hired a few ex-TI engineers in Israel, in an effort to expand its operations in the country.

Texas Instruments recently announced a series of redundancies, as the company is planning to gradually exit the consumer market. But even in ditching the market altogether, TI talent could still spoil the day for the likes of Qualcomm, Samsung and Nvidia.

TI recently cut 250 jobs at the company’s Ra’anana campus in Israel, and as you could have guessed the campus was responsible for OMAP, GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi solutions – just what every ARM SoC designer needs. So the real question here is why the competition isn’t looking to bolster its ranks with some Israeli TI veterans. Or maybe it already is?

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