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Tegra 4 Wayne comes in 2012

by on02 April 2012

The chip, designs maybe

Despite what many believe, the next generation Tegra core that we know under the Wayne codename is coming this year. It won't be delayed to 2013 and it will be ready in the second part of this year. The next generation Tegra is 28nm quad-core processor based on the new A15 core.

The big question remains if Nvidia partners can come up with designs before the end of the year, but CES and Mobile World congress, scheduled for January and February 2013, should be a good place and time to show off new devices. Of course, American consumers want to see US phones at CES in January, while the rest of the world expects their phones in Barcelona, in late February.

Tegra 3 will hold its own until then, with Google’s new tablet as a big design win, along with the HTC One X and a few other phones including LG Optimus 4X, it looks like Nvidia will have a lot more success with Tegra 3 than with Tegra 2, no question about it.

The 28nm process will be definitely more mature by the time Tegra 4 shows up, and making quad-core 28nm A15 chips should not be that challenging in the latter part of 2012.

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