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Ivy Bridge to ramp up to 30 percent of market share

by on02 April 2012

In 2H 2012

Intel starts shipping Ivy Bridge to end customers before the end of April and it starts selling systems based on it but before 1H of 2012 or June 30th. It plans that Ivy Bridge will only take a single-digit share of the total desktop market shipment. Sandy Bridge takes more than 70 percent of all shipments in 1H 2012, while Yorkfield and Wolfdale still account for at least some 5 to 10 percent of market together with Atoms taking just slightly less than that.

In 2H 2012 Ivy Bridge market share should expand to close to 30 percent, Sandy Bridge market share shrinks to 60 percent and Atom stays roughly flat from 1H 2012 to 2H 2012. Sandy Bridge E remains present in 1H and 2H 2012 with some one to two percent of total shipments.

Naturally in 1H 2013 Ivy Bridge will take over the dominance from Sandy Bridge but at the same time Intel will start to ramp up the Haswell 22nm new architecture processors that will start to eat away at the Ivy Bridge share.

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