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EVGA GTX 1070 FTW reviewed

by on31 August 2016


Thermals and Noise

The reference cooler design has not changed much compared to the previous generation. The GTX 1070 has high GPU clocks and the reference cooler is not the best thing to use. It is not really loud or annoying, but it is not quiet either. We are pleased to inform you that the ACX 3.0 cools scores well here.

The new ACX 3.0 cooler is superior to the reference design as it keeps the GPU temperatures below 78 degrees Celsius on a warm day. The ACX 3.0 cooler ensures the card maintains the maximum Boost clock possible for as long as possible. The new Boost 3.0 algorithm will reduce the GPU Boost clocks on the GTX 1070 if the GPU temperature goes over 83 degrees Celsius, but the ACX 3.0 cooler keeps the GPU temperature significantly lover.

gtx 1070 ftw gpuz load witcher

The card is completely silent in idle and during media playback. The card turns its fans off when GPU temperature is below 60 degrees Celsius. The GTX 1070 FTW ACX 3.0 is quiet, almost inaudible, even under load the fans remain barely noticeable. Below is shown idle temperature measured just after several minutes after we ended a game.

gtx 1070 ftw gpuz idle

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