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EVGA GTX 1070 FTW reviewed

by on31 August 2016


The Packaging

The front side of the box is simple, it shows the graphics card version. In this case it is "For The Win" (FTW) model which has a higher clock speed and can be overclocked further than the reference card. Each card is hand tested and guaranteed stable at the advertised clock speeds. EVGA has also SSC model, which stands for super-super clocked and is one below FTW. This means the card is factory overclocked by EVGA and has been tested for stability for overclocked clocks. Further, SC stands for super clocked. It is the lowest overclock EVGA offers but is still tested and guaranteed stable at the advertised speed.

gtx 1070 ftw box 1

The box is pretty. It is just the right size. The ACX 3.0 cooler uses 10cm fans, and some description of the used fans is provided on the box side.

gtx 1070 ftw box 3

This packaging is sturdy and can survive nasty transport conditions.

gtx 1080 ftw box 4 0

gtx 1080 ftw box 4

gtx 1070 ftw box 5

In the box you’ll find:
- EVGA Full Size Poster
- A User Guide and Quick Installation Guide
- A sticker set (Enthusiast Built)
- Driver DVD
- A small note about PCIE 3 compatibility
- EVGA Case Badge
- 2x 6-pin to 8-pin Power Adapter (the card uses non-reference 8-pin power connector)

gtx 1080 ftw box 6

gtx 1080 ftw box 7

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