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Gigabyte GTX 960 G1 Gaming reviewed

by on09 February 2015



The Geforce GTX 960 has a fair amount of overclocking headroom, so even if you choose a reference card you should get good overclocking results.

The reference card’s base clock frequency is 1126MHz with a boost clock of 1178MHz. However, the Gigabyte GTX 960 G1 Gaming base clock frequency is 1241MHz, with an advertised Boost clock of 1304MHz+. Although we could increase the base GPU clock by just 50MHz (bear in mind that it is already factory overclocked by 114MHz), we still managed to record Boost clocks in excess of 1500MHz. One of the most interesting things with the G1 Gaming is that Gigabyte configured the BIOS to provide high Boost clocks. Thank to this, the G1 Gaming delivers better results than other GTX 960 cards at the same base clock.

The memory is not factory overclocked, what is really a shame. Our memory overclock yielded good results. We increased the clock by 500MHz (effectively 2000MHz) with no adverse effects. All together we gained 7 to 10 percent performance increase in games.

960 g1 gaming 960 gpuz oc

960 g1 gaming 960 gpuz oc load

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