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XFX DD Radeon 7750 800M 1GB reviewed

by on06 March 2012



Our today's guest was another XFX's next gen card that boasts a 28nm GPU. One of the flagship features of AMD's graphics cards is low consumption, something that our today's sample already proved. XFX DD Radeon 7750 800M 1GB graphics card packs enough juice to provide pleasant gaming at 1680x1050. The card doesn't need extra power connectors and its TDP is only 55W.

XFX did a great job when it comes to thermals and noise on its Radeon 7750. The company opted on the Double Dissipation cooler that we've seen earlier on their overclocked XFX Radeon 7770 graphics cards. For starters, this means that the card will never overheat as the cooler is more than enough for the needs of Cape Verde Pro chips used on Radeon HD 7750 cards. Furthermore, there's no need for full throttle operation so XFX's DD Radeon 7750 800M is almost inaudible, both in desktop and gaming scenarios. 

XFX opted on reference clocks for this card, but overclocking is not an issue. Namely, AMD's Catalyst Overdrive limits GPU overclocking to 900MHz but if you use additional tools, you can go higher.

The only downside to this XFX's DD Radeon 7750 800M 1GB graphics card is that AMD decided to price their Radeon HD 7750 cards similarly to HD 5770/6770 cards. However, although performances of these cards are similar, bear in mind that new games will probably run better with GCM Graphics Core Next architecture. If you're concerned over power consumption then you can rest easily. As you could see from our testing, Radeon HD 7750 consumed about 40W less than Radeon HD 5770. 

XFX DD Radeon 7750 800M 1GB is a silent graphics card that consumes little but spews enough juice for pleasant gaming at 1680x1050. The card is priced at about €100 although you should expect to have some issues with availability, which doesn't seem to be great at the moment.

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