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Point of View / TGT GTX 570 Beast 2.5GB reviewed

by on14 October 2011




The GTX 570 Beast 2.5GB is a factory overclocked card that owes its high clocks to carefully handpicked GF110 GPUs. The card comes with Zalman cooling that served us well. We did not change fan rpm or GPU voltages and we still did some gaming at 895MHz. The GTX 570 Beast 2.5GB ran stable at 163MHz (22%) higher clocks than reference.

gpuz gtx 570 beast2 oc

test avp 2 oc

test avp 3 oc

Thermals and Noise

Thanks to the efficient dual-fan cooling, we had no trouble with GPU temperatures, not even after overclocking it to 895MHz. GPU temperatures were around 78°C when the card was under load, which is still less than on the reference card. Add to that the fact that Beast 2.5GB runs 109MHz faster, and you get the picture.

inspector idle temp

gpuz temp crysis2 OC new

The fan was almost inaudible both in 2D and 3D modes, and we simply loved the fact that it remained almost inaudible after our overclock.

Power Consumption

Low consumption is definitely not a flagship feature of Beast cards, but what else to expect from a card that’s built for performance. Our testing revealed that the GTX 570 Beast 2.5GB consumes about the same as the reference Geforce GTX 580.

inspector power





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