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AI to create a "robolution". Ugh
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Tuesday, 05 November 2019 11:35

AI to create a "robolution". Ugh

Opinion: If you want a robolution, coin another neologism

Talking about AI and “robolution”, yeah really, a French MP delivered a speech at Huawei's Paris gig today which will compel your or repel you, according to your inclination and degree of latitude

How Tim Cook stuffed up Apple's tax disaster
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Friday, 02 September 2016 11:15

How Tim Cook stuffed up Apple's tax disaster

Why he should not have confirmed the EU's case

Corporate historians will look at Tim Cook’s handing of the EU tax case as a moment where he should have shut up and saved both his and other company's billions in tax..

Could Samsung be the new Intel?
Published in PC Hardware
Wednesday, 07 October 2015 14:09

Could Samsung be the new Intel?

Better than being the new Apple

Samsung is not doing that well in smartphones. To be fair, no one is, but Samsung has the ability to become something much more interesting – it could replace AMD as Intel's rival.

What Tim Cook did not mention  in "record sales" claim
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Wall Street has already seen through it

Yesterday Apple announced that its sold more than 13 million iPhone 6s and 6s Pluses in its first three days of launch and claimed it was a record. The Tame Apple Press sent its staff to dance in the streets, but the question was why does Wall Street look even more coldly at Jobs Mob?


Opinion: Project Ara on your wrist, with a twist

Thursday, 16 June 2011 12:55

Users divided on LulzSec attacks


Only half of the world thinks they are funny