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LG unveils its ThinQ Google Assistant speaker
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The rest of speaker 2018 lineup

LG has unveiled its full lineup of speakers that will be available as of next year, including the ThinQ Speaker with built-in Google Assistant.

Android TV and Shield talk like a Goggle Assistant now
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Another nail in Google Now's coffin

Nvidia just announced its long waited Shield experience 6.0 which features Google Assistant support.

Samsung and Google wage war over "assistants"
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Wednesday, 25 January 2017 22:09

Samsung and Google wage war over "assistants"

Samsung benefits from Siri engineers

If there is one takeaway to learn from recent announcements of smartphone lineups and refreshes, it is that AI-based voice assistants have become a top-valued feature for most serious manufacturers and are expected to gain significant momentum in new devices shipping through at least the next several quarters.

Google Assistant uses AI, machine learning to become people-friendly
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A more personalized, habit-learning version of Google Now

On Tuesday during Google’s Pixel and Home product announcements, the company introduced a new voice-activated version of Google Search called Assistant, featuring a more friendly conversational interface that turns search results into one-sentence answers.