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Google’s Deepmind has key breakthrough
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Tuesday, 01 December 2020 10:31

Google’s Deepmind has key breakthrough

Solves the problem of protein folding and confirms the existance of rice pudding

A 50 year old science problem has been solved and could allow for dramatic changes in the fight against diseases, researchers say.

DeepMind beats 99.8 percent of StarCraft II players
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Grandmaster level

Google's DeepMind today announced a new milestone for its artificial intelligence agents trained to play the Blizzard Entertainment game StarCraft II – it is now a grand master.

DeepMind can spot if your kidneys are in trouble
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Two days earlier

Google’s DeepMind can predict if a patient has potentially fatal kidney injuries 48 hours before many symptoms can be recognised by doctors.

Google’s DeepMind creates a game learning system
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AlphaZero upgrades

Google's AI supreme intelligence DeepMind has created a system that can quickly master any game including chess, Go, and Shogi, and do so without human guidance.

Google Assistant uses AI, machine learning to become people-friendly
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A more personalized, habit-learning version of Google Now

On Tuesday during Google’s Pixel and Home product announcements, the company introduced a new voice-activated version of Google Search called Assistant, featuring a more friendly conversational interface that turns search results into one-sentence answers.