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USB C branding becomes simplier

by on04 October 2022

Data transfer speeds on show

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), the industry body managing the USB standard, has come up with much simpler branding for USB-C cables and connectors.

 Instead of SuperSpeed or USB 3, USB 3.1, and such, the rebranding will reflect the data transfer speeds of USB devices. USB-IF has also decided not to name the new standard USB 4, and instead go with the new naming scheme. Branding for USB-C cables will also reflect their charging wattage, apart from their data transfer capabilities. You can see the rebranded logos and names for different USB-C versions below.

The changes are part of USB-IF’s larger rebranding initiative. They will come into effect starting this quarter and could appear on products and packaging by the end of the year. Older products certified before the shift would still be able to retain the previous branding.

USB-IF’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Ravencraft, told The Verge that the new range of USB packaging and device logos were created after several focus group studies.

“What consumers want to know — and what we learned — is they want to know two things: What’s the highest data performance level the product can achieve? And what’s the highest power level I can get or drive from this product,” he said.


Last modified on 04 October 2022
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