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New flagship graphics cards about to get faster Samsung GDDR6 memory

by on14 July 2022

Speeds up to 24Gbps

The South Korean giant has announced its newer flagship GPUs are about to get 16Gb GDDR6 memory which can manage up to 24Gbps with the wind behind it.

According to the manufacturer, the new chips will "significantly advance the graphics performance" in new GPUs, laptops, consoles, and high-performance computing systems.

Samsung has built the new memory chips using extreme ultraviolet (EUV) and third-gen 10nm process. They feature "innovative circuit design" and "highly advanced insulating material" to minimize current leakage.

Technology improvements allowed Samsung to boost speeds by 30 per cent from 18Gbps in the previous generation to 24Gbps. The latter roughly translates to transferring 1.1TB of data in just one second.

Samsung plans low-power solutions for laptops. The new chips will deliver speeds up to 20Gbps with lower voltage and 20 per cent better efficiency at 1.1V, which is 0.25V lower than the standard.

Apparently, they will start to show up in the upcoming next-gen graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia. Samsung plans to start customer validation later this month with a commercial launch alongside new GPUs.


Last modified on 14 July 2022
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