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Leaked map shows more faster clocked AMD Bristol Ridge APUs

by on08 February 2016

More than a nice pair of Bristols

A new leaked roadmap shows that AMD is adding more to its upcoming Bristol Ridge family of APUs

For those who came in late, Bristol Ridge is set to replace the mobile Carrizo APUs and Godavari APUs on desktop.

Desdenboy has found more details about the mobile Bristol Ridge SKUS and put a few things together about the mobile Carrizo SKUs and created a road map which shows what AMD is going to release as mobile Bristol Ridge chips for the FP4 socket sometime this year.

Model numbers apparently jump by 1000  from Carrizo’s, with an additional 30  for each of the 35W parts. The TDP ranges from 15W and 35W. It is in the clock speed where the most action happens and base clocks jump significantly.

More AMD Bristol Ridge OPNs dresdenboy 1

The new A-Series 9000 has clock speeds ranging from 2.5 to 3.6 GHz base and 2.8 to 4.0 GHz with the boost added. TThe Bristol Ridge AM4 APU range has eight SKUs, out of which seven are quad-cores and one is dual-core. It looks like the AM4 platform will have the x86 Bristol Ridge APUs for mainstream desktops while the Zenish Summit Ridge processors will be for enthusiasts.

AMD told the EETImes that the performance over Carrizo family was the result of its glorious AMD engineers “applying more aggressive power management to the 28nm design"  In other words the Bristol Ridge design is all about using power management to overcome performance limits tied to heat, voltage and current.

AMD is supposed to launch Bristol Ridge APUs in the first half of the year so we should get shedloads of AM4 motherboard options to play with by then..

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