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Intel’s Kaby Lake slides leaked

by on18 November 2015

Skylake successor will have increased Core performance

A Chinese website has got its paws on some Intel slides which talk about Skylake’s successor.

Benchlife’s  slides show that the CPUs we’re told will feature “increased Core performance” which is pretty vague, but they do say that the same LGA 1151 socket as Skylake chips and will be supported by the current-generation 100 series chipset, as well as the upcoming 200 series. This means that users shouldn’t need a motherboard upgrade to grab a new CPU.

intel roadmap 5q 003 1920x1080

The chips will come in three power brackets: 35 watt, 65 watt and 95 watt. Obviously, that makes reference to desktop hardware. There does not appear to be a Kaby Lake for mobile, though it seems unlikely Intel would skip it.

The slides talk about improved on-board graphics capabilities, including expanded resolution support up to 5K at 60Hz. But they seem a little confused in their discussion of refresh rates.

It seems to imply that it would be higher on dual displays than on one at that resolution. This might referring to the use of two simultaneous

DisplayPort connections to drive a single display, which is the connection method used by hi-def monitors.

The new chips will also support Intel’s “Optane,” or NVMe technology, Thunderbolt 3 ports, and Intel’s Ready Mode and RealSense.

The new Intel 200 chipset will support both new-generation Kaby Lake-S CPUs and sixth generation Core processors from the current-gen. It will provide support for as many as 30 I/O lanes, 24 of which can be reserved for PCI Express 3.0 slots – for GPUs and other add-in cards – and the rest for SATA connectors.

Along with native support for USB 3.1, the new chipset will support as many as 10 USB 3.0 ports.

intel roadmap 5q 002 1920x1080

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