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AMD loses top brain to Nvidia

by on14 October 2015

Phil Rogers defects

AMD is reeling after the high profile exit of one its top CPU brains Phil to rival Nvidia.

The outfit has been going through hell lately. Last month AMD ace CPU architect Jim Keller stepped away from the company after completing his work on Zen.

Rogers was one of AMD's high-ranking technology and engineering corporate fellows, and been responsible for helping to develop the software ecosystem behind AMD's heterogeneous computing products and the Heterogeneous System Architecture.

He was a public figure for AMD and active on the software development and evangelism side, frequently presenting the latest HSA tech and announcements for AMD at keynotes and conferences.

While he is not the only person working on the software side of HSA at AMD, Rogers' role in its development is important. Rogers was a major contributor to the HSA Foundation, helping to initially found it in 2012. He served as the Foundation's president until he left AMD.

It seems his defection was kept secret, and took place sometime this quarter and did not manage to leak.

According to his LinkedIn profile Phil Rogers is now Nvidia's "Chief Software Architect – Compute Server" which is similar to what he was doing over at AMD. Nvidia is not a member of the HSA Foundation, but they are currently gearing up for the launch of the Pascal GPU family, which has some features that overlap well with Phil Rogers' expertise.

Pascal's NVLink CPU & GPU interconnect would allow tightly coupled heterogonous computing similar to what AMD has been working on. It makes a fair bit of sense for Nvidia to bring over a heterogeneous compute specialist makes a great deal of sense.

Rogers' departure from AMD will have to be mentioned on the earnings call on the 15th. AMD's Gregory Stoner will probably replace him. Stoner is AMD's current Senior Director of Compute Solutions Technology and long-time Vice President of the HSA Foundation.

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