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Skylake-S top CPU is Core i7 6700K

by on28 April 2015

4.2GHz boost quad-core

It looks like there will be plenty of Skylake products and Skylake-S will be the true successor of Haswell / Haswell refresh processors. 

There will be some Broadwell-based desktop processors, but the real successor of Intel's Core i7 4790K is going to end up with the Core i7 6700K brand name. The Core i7 6700K is clocked at 4.0GHz and with Turbo Boost it can reach 4.2GHz. It has 8MB cache, four cores and eight threads. The interesting part is support for DDR4 2133MHz or DDR3L 1600M. This should bring more bandwidth to the platform.

The runner up is another K unlocked CPU. Just like Core i7 6700K, the Core i5 6600K uses Socket 1151, and has a 95W TDP. It works at 3.5GHz and with Turbo it can reach 3.9GHz. The chip has 6MB cache and four cores and four thread support.

Another Core i7 6700 works at 3.4 GHz and can reach 4.0GHz with Turbo, but it is not an unlocked part. The reach catch is that this CPU is a 65W design and has the whole four physical cores and eight threads. Runner ups in the 65W thermal envelope are the slower clocked Core i5 6600, 6500 and 6400, all with 6MB , four cores four threads. They all have four cores and four threads and 6MB cache.

Another group of Skylake processors is limited to 35W TDP and the fastest member of this particular series, the Core i7 6700T, has four cores and eight treads, again with 8MB cache. It works at 2.8GHz, but with Turbo it can reach 3.6GHz.

Intel also plans Core i5 6600T at 2.7 / 3.5 Turbo, Core i5 6500T with 2.7/ 3.5GHz Turbo, Core i6400T with 2.2GHz and 2.8GHz Turbo. All 35W Core i5 Skylake-S processors share the four-core and four-thread architecture as well as 6MB cache, DDR4 2133 MHz or DDR3L 1600MHz bus.

As we have mentioned a while ago, they will all come with a new graphics core and they will come close to Broadwell-R processors powered with the Iris pro graphics.


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