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Fastest Core i7 Skylake-S for Businesses comes in Q3 15

by on06 July 2015

Core i7 6700 TDP is 65W, down from 84W with Haswell

The Intel Business PC platform will get a serious update in the form of a new Skylake-S based processor.

The new business PC Skylake-S based Core i7 is simply branded as Core i7 6700 and this is a 65W TDP processor that runs at 3.4GHz. This is a quad-core with eight threads and the maximum single core Turbo frequency gets this CPU all the way to 4.0GHz. Intel's Business PC processors don't come with an option to overclock, as corporations prefer stability over sheer performance.

The new Core i7 6700 Skylake-S comes with new Socket 1151 package, and this is the new Skylake-S socket that brings a support for DDR4 2133 and DDR3 1600 memory. Business oriented motherboards will use Q150, B150 and Q170 where the later comes with most options including the dual slot PCIe for potential SLI and Crossfire business configurations.

The Core i7 6700 supports three independent displays, Corporate Intel ME firmware support with Intel Small Business Advantage (SBA). It also supports Intel Platform Trust Technology (w/o Intel TXT), Intel Device Protection Technology with Boot Guard, Intel Smart Sound Technology, Intel Rapid Storage Technology 14, as well as Integrated Gigabit Ethernet MAC.

Depending on the chipset, the Intel business platform can support Intel SIPP, vPRO, Active management technology, Intel smart responsive technology and various RAID configurations.

Core i7 6700 replaces the well established Core i7 4970 Haswell refresh processor. The stock clock of the Skylake-S processor is 200 MHz slower, but with turbo both CPUs end up at the same 4.0GHz frequency. One huge advantage that Core i7 6700 aka Skylake-S has over Haswell refresh CPUs is that the TDP drops down to 65W compared to 84W TPD on the previous business generation.

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