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Google Pixel 8 parts are now on sale

by on03 January 2024

But they'll cost you a bomb

Google Pixel 8 parts are now up for grabs on iFixit's Pixel parts shop.

The Pixel 8 is the first Google phone with seven years of updates, and Google said these parts will be in stock for seven years so that the phone will last ages.

However, keeping your phone going will cost a lot of dosh. The most common fix will probably be the screen, which costs £120 for the Pixel 8 and £170 for the Pixel 8 Pro. A "rear case" is the whole metal body of the phone, with the back glass, camera bit, camera glass, side buttons, and charging bit. The Pixel 8 version of this will set you back £105, while the 8 Pro version is £125. The batteries are both £30.

If your camera packs up, brace yourself for a hefty price tag: The Pixel 8 Pro back camera bit is £145 for three cameras. Oddly, the Pixel 8 also has £145 worth of camera bits even though it has one less camera by missing the tricky zoom lens.

The Pixel 8 bits come in separate pieces: £105 for the primary camera and £45 for the wide-angled one. Along with the £30 front camera, a Pixel 8 is £510 and has £180 worth of camera bits!

Apart from that, there's no spare motherboard, which is a pity since that's probably the first thing to go wrong when you drop it in the loo. Phone motherboards have your IMEI number, and the industry needs a better way of fixing these. since the USB is part of the motherboard, there's no official fix.


Last modified on 04 January 2024
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