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Apple Pay Later arrives

by on29 March 2023

Ironically late

Fruity cargo cult Apple has introduced Apple Pay Later scheme in the US, later than Jobs' Mob thought it would be.

The Tame Apple Press is positively moist with the ability to get deeper into debt using a scheme with an Apple logo, rather than having to use a loan shark or a less fashionable credit card.

Apple Pay Later allows users to split purchases into four payments, spread over six weeks with no interest or fees. Users can easily track, manage, and repay their Apple Pay Later loans in one convenient location in Apple Wallet.

Users can apply for Apple Pay Later loans of $50 to $1,000, which can be used for online and in-app purchases made on iPhone and iPad with merchants that accept Apple Pay. Starting today, Apple will begin inviting select users to access a prerelease version of Apple Pay Later, with plans to offer it to all eligible users in the coming months.

Apple Pay Later is built into Wallet, so users can view, track, and manage their loans in one place. They can easily see the total amount due for all their existing loans and the amount due in the next 30 days.

Apple Pay Later is offered by Apple Financing, a subsidiary of Apple, which is responsible for credit assessment and lending. Apple Financing plans to report Apple Pay Later loans to US credit bureaus in the autumn. It claims that this will mean their loans will be reflected in users' overall financial profiles and can “help promote responsible lending for both the lender and the borrower.” In short, if you fail to pay your Apple debt your credit scores will be diced and you will never get a mortgage again.


Last modified on 29 March 2023
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