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Kremlin staff told to get rid of their iPhones

by on20 March 2023

Security risk

In a move that has been greeted with horror by the Tame Apple Press, that very nice Mr Putin has declared a "special military operation" on Apple and its products.

 Apparently, that nice Mr Putin is so worried that the security of the iPhone is so poor that he has declared the Kremlin an Apple free zone.

It is not just an anti-US move. Putin is fine with Google or Android-based phones, it is just Apple which is insecure. Odd really, when you find you have something in common with a genocidal mass murderer who invades other countries.

Employees of Putin’s administration were recommended to buy phones with Android operating systems, its Chinese counterparts, or Aurora OS. The latter was developed by the Russian company Open Mobile Platform, a subsidiary of Rostelecom.

Putin has ordered his purge of all things Apple to be conducted by the end of March. The order is to “throw them away” or “give them to your children.” We doubt that even in the Kremlin there are those who can afford to give them to their kids.

The Kremlin believes these gadgets are more susceptible to hacking and espionage by Western specialists compared to other smartphones.

Sources of the news outlet say that perhaps the Kremlin will even buy new "secure" phones for its employees to make it easier for them to abandon American technology.

This isn't the first time federal authorities have given recommendations to officials on their electronic communications. In the summer of 2022, Russian officials were advised to stop using Zoom in favour of the domestic Trueconf.


Last modified on 20 March 2023
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