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Apple admits camera on expensive iPhones has rubbish software

by on20 September 2022

Will be providing a rubber band and software which does work next week

Fruity cargo-cult Apple is having some serious headaches with the software in its iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max and has admitted that it will have to fix it before the camera will work properly.

While many companies at least try to do a Q&A on software, users would be forgiven in thinking that Apple did not even bother this time and just wanted to get the product into the shops so it could make it money.

Apple's software, which used to be the positive side buying into the Walled Garden has been getting noticably worse over the last two years with phones shipping that were unable to adjust for daylight saving.  This time the new phones were shipped with an OS that Apple knew was faulty. However, given that the camera was about the only worthy new feature that the new phone had, one would think that Apple could have given it a quick check.

After its release, early adopters experienced strange issues when filming videos using third-party apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and TikTok. The phones would make a strange grinding noise while and start shaking. Apparently, the Optical Image Stabilisation feature that keeps videos looking steady was borked, probably because users were holding it wrong. Either way, videos were coming out looking shaky, blurry, and basically unwatchable. Some of the Tame Apple Press dared to warn users that their expensive iPhone might break if they use any of its camera functionality. 

On the 48MP camera used on the Pro models, Apple uses its second-generation Sensor Shift OIS which allows the camera sensor to move to offset the unsteady hands of an iPhone user. Those iPhone 14 Pro series users affected by the issue were hoping for the best case scenario, which was for the problem to be software related since a fix would require a simple update to be pushed out.

The Tame Apple press rushed to support the company stating that Apple MIGHT have found a fix for the shaking camera issue and might release an update next week. After all, it depends on what it feels like, it is not as if the early adopters have not actually handed over huge amounts of money for a borked product.  Oh, that is right they did.

Other issues Apple might choose to fix is one which prevents them connecting to an open  Wi-Fi network and holes in Apple's in-house Apple apps, video chat app FaceTime and the iMessage messaging app.


Last modified on 20 September 2022
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