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Qualcomm on verge of Apple resolution

by on30 November 2018

CEO Steve Mollenkopf confirms

In a chat with CNBC, Qualcomm’s CEO confirmed that it and Apple are on the doorstep of a resolution of  multi quarter licensing related issues. What CNBC didn’t tell you is that Apple doesn’t want to pay Qualcomm a tiny amount of money as it wants a special and favorable deal.  

In a recent interview with Jim Cramer,  Mollenkopf describes activities in the talks with Apple that are more consistent with the 4th (final) quarter than the 1st quarter of the game. We just wanted to make this clear for people who don’t follow American football. It was surprising to hear that the CEO of Qualcomm believes that the second half of this year or into next year is when the resolution may happen.  

It  all centres on about $13  per iPhone licensing royalties.

Bear in mind that the fuss centres on about $13 per sold iPhone, as long as the iPhone costs $400 or more. We did our homework and every single iPhone listed at costs more than $400 leaving a small sum of discounted outdated iPhones which might sell for at less than $400.

The negotiations are underway, and Apple is in no hurry to settle, unless it loses one of the big patent or other litigation cases in the US, Europe or China. That would mean more trouble and the necessity for a settlement. Based on research we conducted over the last few months, Apple is most likely to lose at least some of the patent cases due to the massive amounts of evidence presented to the courts in three continents.  

Mollenkopf also confirmed that he would love to have Apple as a 5G customer but based on our research Apple won’t be in the first wave of 5G, it will be the Android community to do the early work and Apple won’t have its 5G solution ready before the second half of 2020.

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