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Galaxy S10 to ship in late March, April

by on30 November 2018

Exclusive: That is the current plan

Our extremely well-informed sources have confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will ship in late March/early April 2019. This goes for both the Exynos 8920 as well as the Snapdragon 855 version of the phone. Samsung has traditionally been shipping Galaxy S smartphones anywhere from late March to early June, depending on the version of the phone and the region. 

Samsung is set to introduce the phone in late Q1 and ship in early Q4 or very late Q1 - mid-March. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ were announced a day before the Mobile World Congress 2019 on February 25 but they shipped on March 11 to March 16, depending on the country.

This time things might happen a few weeks later but in a very similar time frame. Yes, we have a rock-solid confirmation that the Galaxy S10 will launch with two different SoCs. The Exynos 8920 version will  ship predominantly in Europe and once again curse Europeans with the weaker of the two devices. The US and some of China will get the Snapdragon 855. It will be interesting to compare 8nm Samsung chip versus 7nm Qualcomm chip as we heard that Snapdragon is doing a great job in AI compared to the competition.

The phone is a big leap forward,  especially in camera, display design and will stand out from evolutionary designs of the S9 that reminded us a lot of the Galaxy S8.

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