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Apple under pressure as Brian May loses faith

by on28 November 2018

USB-C is a little silhouette of a sham

Fruity cargo cult Apple has always had the enthusiastic support of the music industry, but that is starting to change.

Famed musician Brian May, who co-founded the band Queen in 1970, has just published a long, detailed complaint about Apple USB-C connectors.

May posted a photo of a bent connector, declaring: "This is one of the reasons my love for Apple is turning to hatred."

May is also hacked off that he has had to carry multiple adapters around and spend money buying new ones, and he decried the replacement of Apple's much loved MagSafe magnetic charging cable.

“Now we’re forced into using these damn USB-C connectors for everything. It means we have to carry around a bagful of pesky adaptors, we have to throw away ALL our old charging leads, and spend tons of money on new ones”, May said.

“If something tugs in the wire it does NOT harmlessly fall out like the Mag-Safe plugs we all got so used to (genius). And if one of these things is plugged into the left-hand side and we roll the computer to the left to insert in into the right-hand side - THIS happens. A bent USB-C connector which is instantly useless.”

May is hacked off that he has to spend more money replacing “the horrible things”.

To make matters worse, May had a brush with Apple Help which he said was uninterested in your problems – it just wants to flog you more expensive gear.

“ Apple has become an entirely selfish monster. But they have us enslaved. Finding a way out is hard. Anybody out there has the same feeling?”

The adapter in the photo became bent when May simply tried to move his computer to change the adapter from one side to another.

Jobs’ Mob is, of course, saying nothing. But it appears his complaint has hit a chord with other Apple fanboys. The post earned more than 42,000 likes and hundreds of comments in just two hours.

Things are likely to get worse. Apple announced just last month that its iPad Pro had ditched the proprietary Lightning port in favour of USB-C.

Meanwhile, the Tame Apple press is flat out defending the piss poor technology. CNET reporter Stephen Shankland recently wrote that in a world jammed full of conflicting connectors, "USB-C offers a path to a simpler, saner future".

Apparently not.


Last modified on 28 November 2018
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