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New Pixel phones are out today

by on09 October 2018


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Google will unveil the third edition of its Pixel smartphone at ten media events across the world on Tuesday, a hint that it is prepared to expand geographic distribution.

Expected today are the much leaked Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL. The two phones will once again be separated by screen size, with the smaller one likely getting a 5.5-inch display and the larger one possibly getting a 6.7-inch one, when accounting for the space around the notch.

The two phones should be similar to their predecessors in total size due to slimmed-down bezels, less space above and below the screen, and a giant notch on the XL model.

Leaks and rumours have confirmed that Google will be sticking with a single lens for the main camera but going with a dual setup for the front lens as part of a new “Super Selfie Mode”.

Like last year’s Pixel, the Pixel 3 won’t have a headphone jack and Google is rumored to be bundling a pair of USB-C Pixel Buds in the box this year.

Pixel phones should get wireless charging with a new Pixel Stand charger. It is a wireless charger that props the Pixel up so you can see the screen.

Google is rumored to be releasing a  screen-centric Google Home Hub. It is a Google Home with a screen. It’ll work just like Google’s other smart speakers except you’ll be able to see what Assistant is saying. Rumor has it that it'll cost $150.

Google is set to Pixel Slate for the first time in three years. This will be  a new Chrome OS-based tablet with Android 9 and Pixelbook Pen support, and a fingerprint sensor  running Chrome OS.

According to the new Google Pixel Slate, which is reportedly codenamed ‘Nocturne’, will rival Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup of convertible laptops and runs Google’s Chrome OS.

It will be offered in dark blue colour and features a touchscreen with a possible aspect ratio of 3:2. It also comes with a capacitive stylus, similar to the one that was launched with last year’s Pixelbook laptop.

It appears to have a camera at the front and another at the rear of the tablet. The rear also has a minimalistic Google logo, which has started to appear on its newer products. There are black areas on both the sides of the device, and it could hint towards cellular connectivity, but we’re not sure about it. There appears to be a power button at the top and it could feature a built-in fingerprint reader. There’s also a USB Type-C port on one of its sides. The tablet also appears to feature front-facing stereo speakers.

Google Pixel Slate 1

The detachable keyboard accessory features circular keys and a touchpad. The Pixel Slate accessory has four pogo pins through which all the data transfer happens. There is a dedicated key on the accessory to launch Google Assistant. The top part of the accessory covers the back of the Pixel Slate and it can be folded so that the device can be used as a laptop. Going by what’s on the tablet’s screen in the image, there appears to be a newer version of Chrome OS software with a back button and a centralised icon dock at the bottom. It can, of course, run Android apps. It will most probably feature an ARM-based mobile processor or an ultra-low power CPU from Intel.



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