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Apple software geniuses strike again

by on21 June 2018

Latest update is borked

Apple's latest iOS update is so borked that the fruity cargo cult is not saying anything about it

For those who came in late, Apple never says it is sorry and will generally blame users (you are holding it wrong) or insists that only a couple of people are affected by the problem. However in this case Apple's slipping software prowess has made that impossible and Apple is dealing with the matter by pretending it does not exist.  It would be rather stupid for users to upgrade.

Basically the iOS 11.4 is wreaking havoc with crucial iPhone features including a dramatic increased battery drain and  problems for the camera funcionality including the LED flash, front camera, rear camera and problems saving images to their camera roll.  Instead the iPhone screen goes black. Some fanboys were unaware of the problem and immediately showed it to their android friends, claiming that Samsung would soon be copying the look and functionality.

The only solution has been to turn it off and turn it on again or claim that black is a "wisdom of the night" feature with android users would be lucky to get.

The iOS 11.4 update rolled-out globally on May 29 and promised a number of bug fixes, the ability to save iMessage text messages in iCloud, and the addition of stereo audio playback for HomePod owners

Other customers have not been so fortunate, with the problem persisting after the handset was powered off.

One use claimed that it also borked the map, but then it was pointed out that Apple maps was the American situation comedy of mapping apps before the update.

Other users have reported issues moving between landscape and portrait orientation on the smartphone.

'Can’t get camera to change from portrait to landscape. The only way it works temporarly is if I reboot the phone. (iPhone 6 plus, ios 11.4, native camera app, regular photo),' one user tweeted to the Cupertino-based company.

As well as camera issues, some iOS users have noticed problems with the flash function on the smartphone, too.  This means that they cant find their porn stash after their mothers have put them to bed.

Still worse is the selfie camera not working which means that they can't take pictures of themselves eating dinner or with their favourite cat.

It is not as if Apple has not had this problem before in 2016, when iOS 10 was first rolled-out to users, the flash and rear-mounted camera would regularly crash for hundreds of people.

The reports of camera issues triggered by the update to iOS 11.4 comes hot on the heels of a torrent of complaints from users about battery life being decimated by the new software.

One angry user posted on social news site Reddit that iOS 11.4 caused the battery on their Apple smartphone to drain up to 25 per cent faster than previous versions of iOS.

A number of users claim they are constantly forced to charge their phone following the update to the latest operating system.

Some users believe the issues may be related to the background app refresh feature.

Apple has yet to provide an explanation. Our guess is that they promoted the software engineer who designed the clock program which could not update for summer time or time zones.

Forbes points out that affected users are primarily reporting the battery life issues taking place when they are at home, which could suggest background synchronisation services could be to blame.  Or rather the iOS was not written to take this into account.

Some users suggest turning off WiFi to stop the battery from draining as fast which is something you would expect to do about 15 years ago when phones were not as effecient.


Last modified on 21 June 2018
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