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Government pushes to ban smartphones in schools

by on20 June 2018

Phoney war breaks out

A senior minister in Theresa May's fragile UK government said schools should ban the use of mobile phones.

Matt Hancock (40), the UK's culture secretary, said head teachers should implement the ban and thinks that technology makes the job of a parent that much harder.

He told English newspaper the Daily Telegraph that he “admires” headteachers who have already banned smartphones. He has three children and they can't take their devices into the classroom.

“Mobile phones can have a real impact on working memory and fluid intelligence, even if the phone is on a table or in a bag.”

He doesn't advocate banning smartphones in the House of Commons, where members of parliament can often by seen swiping away at their tablets or smartphones, nor did he say whether that has a real impact on memory and intelligence on grown-ups.

“Modern digital technology is a powerful force for good”, he claimed.  But, he continued,  like any new technology it brings challenges.

And not just for kids.

[Picture of 10 Downing Street, above,  courtesy of Tom Robinson]

Last modified on 17 January 2019
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