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Apple iPhone sales to fall 20 percent

by on11 June 2018

Further signs that Apple's cash cow is stuck 

Apple expects to ship 80 million new model iPhones this year, down 20 percent from what it had planned at the same time last year.

The report by the Japanese financial daily, Nikkei, shows that Apple's iPhone cash cow is dying and Jobs' Mob should be looking for alternative products if it is going to maintain its growth.

Apple has asked suppliers to make about 20 percent fewer components for the three new iPhones it plans to launch in the second half of 2018, compared to last year’s plans for its iPhone X and iPhone 8 models, the paper reported.

The news has  sent shares in Apple and many of its major suppliers lower and weighing on global stock markets and killed off any hope that the company is going to be worth a trillion dollars any time soon.

Analysts say that the downturn is due to Apple being overly optimistic last year in relation to the prospects for its new phones. Apparently the company is left with shedloads of inventory. For those who came in late, Apple doubled the price of its flagship phone and offered no real new hardware. While some were dumb enough to fall for it, the iPhone X did not sell as well as Apple's previous efforts. 

“At least part of this lower order forecast probably relates to Apple just being a little more realistic.”

The company sold 217 million iPhones, including its older models, in the fiscal year ended Sept. 30. It does not break down the figures by model and is still manufacturing large numbers of earlier versions of the phone.

Some analysts said they already expected Apple to sell fewer phones this year than last as global demand for phones tightens and competitors eat into its sales. The company sold 129.5 million iPhones in the past two quarters, little changed from the same period a year earlier.




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