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Trump wants to purge White House of mobiles

by on28 November 2017

Not his of course 

Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump is rather attached to his mobile phone which he uses to make pronouncements through his Twitter account at all hours.

Apparently, Donald is a little worried about all those White House staff around him who also have mobile phones with the ability to contact the outside world just as easily as him. Trump is very concerned about leaks and people tapping on their phones when they should be listening to his pearls of wisdom.

He is considering banning White House employees from using personal mobile phones while at work. Cybersecurity concerns drive the potential change.

One official said that there are too many devices connected to the campus wireless network and that personal phones aren't as secure as those issued by the federal government.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, whose phone was found to be compromised by hackers earlier this year, is responsible for the ban.

The White House already takes precautions with personal wireless devices, including requiring officials to leave phones in cubbies outside of meeting rooms where sensitive or classified information is discussed.

Top officials haven't yet decided whether or when to impose the ban, and if it would apply to all staff in the executive office of the president. While some lower-level officials support a ban, others worry it could result in a series of disruptive unintended consequences.

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