Foldable phone sales will grow by 50 per cent
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IDC says the market is growing fast

Beancounters at the analyst outfit IDC have been shuffling their tarot cards and concluded that foldable smartphones would see 21.4 million units shipped this year.

Nokia allows people to fix their own phone
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Monday, 27 February 2023 10:44

Nokia allows people to fix their own phone

New easy-to-fix handset released

Nokia has released a handset that users can fix themselves, making it possible to keep phones in service longer.

Fitbit upgrades Charge 5 to track your phone
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Now you will be able to find it

Fitbit added an important feature to its Charge 5 activity trackers and it’s all about tracking your phone, instead of you.

Apple can’t make a foldable phone
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Monday, 04 April 2022 13:36

Apple can’t make a foldable phone

It will not arrive until at least 2025

Apple has been expected to invent the folding phone for ages, even as its rivals flogged their versions. The Tame Apple Press has been reassuring the world that a real folding phone would be invented any day now.

xHelper infects 45,000 Android phones
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Wednesday, 30 October 2019 11:39

xHelper infects 45,000 Android phones

Fortunately mostly spam

A new Android malware strain has made a name for itself after popping up on the radar of several antivirus companies, and annoying users thanks to a self-reinstall mechanism that has made it near impossible to remove.

LG launched phone powered by Gyrfalcon AI chip
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Updated: One big customer with LG Q70

Gyrfalcon Technology Inc. (GTI) is one of the hot names in AI startups, and the company managed to score a big customer for its AI chip.

Microsoft blurs line between phone and tablet
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New patent shows Apple’s next new super cool innovation

The inventor of the modern tablet, Microsoft, is working on a a new hybrid dual-screen Microsoft Surface device that blurs the lines between phone and tablet.

US security expert warns of Russian hacking during World Cup
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Don't pack your devices

The top US counterintelligence official is advising Americans traveling to Russia for football’s World Cup beginning this week that they should not take electronic devices because they are likely to be hacked by criminals or the Russian government.

ZTE Iceberg has two notches
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Tuesday, 10 April 2018 10:39

ZTE Iceberg has two notches

Destined as the codename implies

ZTE is one of these companies which try hard but don’t really achieve much in the smartphone area. It decided to codename a phone Iceberg and put two notches on the front of the phone.

Apple says sorry for “misunderstanding” over phone throttling
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All a terrible misunderstanding

Apple has just published a letter to customers saying sorry for throttling older phones which might have dodgy batteries without telling them.