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Meizu shows Super mCharge technology

by on01 March 2017

Full charge in 20 minutes

While it did not have any new smartphones to show, Chinese smartphone maker Meizu has unveiled its new Super mCharge technology.

According to Meizu, this is their fourth generation charging technology and uses both a special cable as well as special circuitry that delivers 11V and 5A for a total power of 55W. The new cable actually can carry up to 160W of power and uses E-Mark, the smart safety chip which provides a smart dynamic monitoring protection and is actually recommended by USB IF.

Thanks to so much power, the Meizu Super mCharge technology is able to safely charge the battery to full charge in 20 minutes, which is significantly faster than both Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0, Oppo's VOOC, and OnePlus' Dash Charge. Meizu also notes that the phone remains at a low temperature, despite such high power, peaking at 39°C, although that would also depend on the actual smartphone design.

On the efficiency side, Meizu Super mCharge yields 98 percent efficiency thanks to its optimized charge pump technology which uses two groups of circuits.

Meizu also mentions a new safe battery that should cope with 55W power, and this 3,000mAh battery can bear more than four times the current to match the capabilities of Super mCharge. Despite the high power, the battery remains at over 80 percent capacity even after 800 complete charge and discharge cycles. We are not sure if the Super mCharge would work on other batteries or is it limited to the new battery from Meizu but nevertheless, such charge speed is quite impressive.

Unfortunately, Meizu did not reveal when we will see an actual device that will feature the Super mCharge technology and by the looks of the recent problems with exploding batteries, we doubt it will be anytime soon.

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