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Apple knows its wireless airbuds fall out

by on02 January 2017

Didn’t stop them releasing them

Fruity tax-dodging cargo-cult Apple knows that its expensive wireless airbuds fall out of your ears and apparently patented a fix. Only it never used it.

Patently Apple has recently uncovered a magnetic mechanism that wraps around the user's ear which can keep the AirPods in place and ensuring that they don't get lost.

While the Tame Apple Press is saying how super-cool and innovative the idea is, no one has commented on the fact that the magnetic gizmo was patented in June. This means that Apple had the technology on hand when it released its latest range of expensive AirPods and nixed the tech.

In fact, the Airpods were even released late meaning that Apple could easily have saved it a fortune on lost buds. Either this was deliberate or a complete cock-up. The issue of the expensive Airpods, which are cleverly modelled on tiny dildos so you know that they are being used by an Apple fanboy, falling out of your ears is something which even the Tame Apple Press admits is a problem.

Apple thought that ear hooks looked worse than tiny dildos for aesthetic reasons but the magnet plan was rather clever. So why didn’t Apple use it?

The Tame Apple Press thinks they might appear in future incarnations of the Airbuds, but that strikes us as a little too helpful for users. Our guess is that here were rumours that Samsung was going to copy Apple on its high-end phones and get rid of the headphone jack. Faced with the same problem of missing headohone buds, magnets would be a logical step so Apple patented it as a spoiler to the rivals.

Last modified on 02 January 2017
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