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Samsung to install AI in all its apps

by on28 December 2016

Viv will be omnipotent

Samsung might be trying to install its Viv AI in all its apps.

A deep throat told hacks working for SamMobile that the Viv-based, voice-guided helper  - code-named Bixby - will have a presence in all  of the phone's including Samsung-made apps.

This means that you could use it in the Gallery app to show you photos of the beach, for example. While this is not particularly new as Google Photos and iOS 10 can do something similar, it does mean that Samsung users will not need to use other assistants.
Samsung has also said that it will support third-party apps so it could be ubiquitous.

This puts Google in a tricky position. It is making a big push for its Assistant and its largest Android hardware partner has just replaced its AI software. Google is unlikely to be enthusiastic and in the past has made its displeasure known to Samsung.  This time Samsung has its own operating system in the form of Tizen which has been doing rather well.  If Google becomes heavy handed it might be the impetus Samsung needs to walk away from Android and into Tizen.


Last modified on 28 December 2016
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