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Teen jail breaks iPhone 7 in a day

by on23 September 2016

Harder to hack but still a doddle.

Despite the usual security claims from Apple that its iPhone 7 is “the best, most advanced iPhone ever” it is still a doddle to hack.

A 19-year-old hacker, Luca Todesco, took advantage of a series of bugs he found and exploited and jailbroke the phone in 24 hours. He can now install all the apps which Apple says he is forbidden do so.

Todesco is well known for finding bugs and jailbreaking iPhones. He said that while the iPhone 7 is a bit more secure than previous models it’s not 100 percent.
The jailbreak is the first public one achieved on an iPhone 7. Todesco showed off his successful jailbreak on Twitter just five days after the release of the iPhone 7, and barely a week after the release of iOS10.

“This is a jailbroken iPhone 7,” Todesco tweeted, accompanying the message with a screenshot that shows a terminal where he has “root,” the highest admin privileges on a computer system.He is keeping the details about how he did it. Having a jailbroken phone is useful to do live debugging and find even more bugs.

Since the fruity cargo cult established a bug bounty, he might make a bit of cash, but he told Motherboard he hasn’t decided whether to do that yet.

He wants his jailbreak work through the Safari browser just like the famous “,” which allowed anyone to jailbreak their iPhone 4 just by clicking on a link.

“Jailbreaks are just too valuable to give away for free because they have been known to go for more than $500,000.”

Last modified on 23 September 2016
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