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iPhone 7 in pricing shock

by on09 September 2016

Apple gets revenge on EU by cutting off its nose to spite its face

The fruity tax dodger Apple is taking out a weird revenge on Europe for making it pay tax – it is forcing European fanboys to pay more for its iPhone 7s.

German Mac fans are reeling as Apple is saying that the cheapest iPhone 7 with 32 GB storage will cost €759, the version with 128 GB storage €869  and the version with 256 GB storage €979. The iPhone 7 Plus with 32GB of storage costs Germans €899. With 128 GB storage it costs €1,009 and with 256 GB storage €1,119.

In contrast the cheapest iPhone 7 will cost only $649 dollars in the US and the cheapest iPhone 7 Plus can be bought for $769.

In the UK, the iPhone starts at £599 for the cheapest 32GB option. The 128GB version is £699 and the 256GB version will set you back a whopping £799. The cheapest iPhone 7 Plus costs £719, followed by a 128GB model at £819, and then a 256GB variant costing an £919.

Basically Apple is gouging its European fanboys. There is no justification for a price difference for VAT or currency - it is just a pure money grab.

Fortunately, Apple fanboys can just say “no”. It is not as if the iPhone 7 offers them much for the price increase. A slightly better chip, er, that is it. To make matters worse Apple is expecting its punters to splash out another $150 just to get a new set of wireless headphones as the ones which come out of the box sound terrible.

If you have to go for an Apple product you might as well buy the iPhone 6S, which will be much cheaper, suffer none of these problems, and bends in your back pocket to suit the shape of your buttocks.Of course if you really want to punish the company for treating you so badly you can get a better phone from one of Apple's rivals much cheaper.

Apple might have a few problems selling its iPhone 7s. With limited reasons to buy, many fanboys are waiting until next year when the iPhone 8 actually promises a bit of innovation. Increasing the price in the EU will not help sell the awful product.  All we can assume is that Apple has jacked up the price to punish Europe for forcing it to pay tax. Of course this will backfire and result in less phones being sold here, but Apple suffers from the delusion that people actually can't get by without its gear and will revolt against their Euro masters to force them to do what Apple wants.

Last modified on 09 September 2016
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