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Tame Apple Press attacks Chinese phone maker

by on24 June 2016

How dare you say you invented the rounded rectangle?

The Tame Apple Press is incandescent with rage at the antics of the Chinese phone maker which won a patent case against the fruity cargo cult.

Apple appears to have rallied its chums in the Western press to attack the small Chinese phone maker, Balli, who succeeded in beating it in court. CNet ran a story claiming that the company was “virtually non-existent.”

The Wall Street Journal said that it had rung the company and its calls were unanswered.

Phone calls to Baili, which is owned by Chinese smartphone manufacturer Digione, were unanswered, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Baili's websites no longer exist. And visits by the Journal to the three registered locations turned up no company offices.

CNET also said it could not find a website for Baili. It said the company is broke because its “debt is greater than their overall assets.”

“The lawsuit highlights the tough environment Apple faces in China, which also ruled earlier this year that Apple doesn't own the rights to the iPhone trademark,” Cnet claimed.

However, the Journal spoke to Digione lawyer Andy Yang who insisted the company is operational “in its necessary functions” and would continue to fight Apple in court.

Baili may even think about escalating its lawsuit to include the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, Yang added.

We guess that Baili could argue in court that it might have done a little better in the workplace if Steve Jobs had not stolen its wonderful rounded rectangle design.

To be fair the outfit probably is a patent troll which has found itself on the right side of Chinese court. However, that is exactly the role that Samsung found itself in when it was sued by Apple in a US court.

Last modified on 24 June 2016
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