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IPhone 7 leak confirms it will be dire

by on10 May 2016

 Nothing to see here move on

Yet another leak has confirmed what we have been saying all along, the iPhone 7 is going to have nothing new or inovative to make upgrading from the iPhone 6S worthwhile.

French magazine No Where Else has found a diagram for the iPhone 7 which shows the thing will be 67.12 mm wide and 138.30 mm long. The iPhone 6s is only 2 mm narrower at 67.10 mm wide and 138.30 mm long. It is unlikely that anyone will be able to tell the iPhone 6, 6s, and 7 apart in a police line-up.So there are no design inovations, which basically is 90 per cent of the difference in Apple phones.

The  cutout for the rear camera definitely looks larger than the one on the iPhone 6s so chances are the camera is going to have a few more megapixels.  Not really work buying a new phone for either. 

However the Tame Apple Press does not appear to be too upset. They claim that it is just a sign of how confident Apple is that it can write off an entire year's worth of sales. Odd really, it is a bit like saying that a chicken with his head cut off might not have any control, or know what it is doing, but it is at least "confident."

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