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Apple kills iPhone headphone socket

by on05 January 2016

New cables for iPhone 

It has been confirmed that Apple is going to force its beleaguered users to ditch their headphones in favour of more expensive wireless or Lightning sets.

The fruity cargo cult has decided that the only way to get its iPhone’s thinner is to ditch the headphone socket.

The confirmation does not come from Apple of course, but the outfit’s supply chain. But it backs up what we had already heard.

As far as Apple is concerned it means that users will have to scrap their old headphones when they buy the new iPhone. This means that they will also lose connectivity with shedloads of accessories like aux in to speakers, camera releases, headphones and flash units.

Of course the Tame Apple Press is telling the world that it is not so important that they can actually use their phones, it is more important to move on to a standard that no one else is using and waste money on gear that can’t be used elsewhere.

Lightning is supposed to support higher quality audio, but given that the original would have been compressed to hell and played using an Apple digital to analogue decoder we doubt anyone would be able to tell the difference.  There are some on the market now, but not that many.   Nine to five Mac thinks that most Apple sets will be wireless, so I must get my paws on a wi-fi jammer.

Last modified on 05 January 2016
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