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UK government wants to give iPads to criminals

by on11 December 2015

Teaching them how to steal legitimately

The British government, which is currently taking money out of its health and education system, is thinking of spending a fortune giving over-priced iPads to its criminal population.

It claims that the idea will teach criminals how to further their education while cooped up in their prison cells.

Sir Martin Narey, an adviser to the Ministry of Justice in Britain specially wants to give prisoners the most expensive tablets on the market.

“[Prisoners] should be meeting a tutor once a week, but doing work on literacy and numeracy on their own. We could look at giving prisoners iPads to work on in their cells.”

Narey’s plan comes in, a plan that seeks to lower recidivism rates by equipping prisoners with a proper education. But is giving them an iPad the best education. What iPads are are y teaching prisoners is that there is a sucker born every minute, even in government departments. Other key lessons are that there is nothing wrong with robbing someone blind if you use marketing and a high mark up. It is legitimate not to pay tax if you use off-shore investment and it is acceptable to make millions off-shoring to companies who make their young employees work long hours.

If the UK government’s goal is education, then surely Chromebooks would be a much better deal. Not only do they train, but they are cheaper and can be controlled at a network level.

The question is, how the hell did Apple get identified as the only potential supplier for such a contract?

Last modified on 11 December 2015
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