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Zenfone gives Asustek part of smartphone market

by on30 November 2015

Actually making money on it

The Zenfone has given Asustek a well-deserved foothold in the smartphone market and even more surprisingly is making the outfit money.

Company CEO Jerry Shen told Digitimes that the company to ship over 20 million smartphones in 2015 and further expand to over 30 million in 2016.

The aim is to become one of the top-10 vendors globally, which seems to be a good plan, particularly if it can generate any sort of money.

Asustek flogged five million units in Indonesia in 2016 and combined shipments to Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand will also surpass five million in 2016. India together with Indonesia and China will account for the top-three Asustek markets in the year. Taiwan will total two million units or 20 per cent of our total shipments in 2015.

Shen said that the strategy was to bring the highest price/performance ratios to every model in each segment. But since they are talking about developing markets the ratio of models priced over is low.

The company has been developing smartphones for a decade but its product quality is getting better and better and our prices are reasonable, Shen said.

“Our pricing strategy has been competitive and we don't need to lower our prices at least in six months. The steady selling prices have helped us to ramp up shipment volume. The rise of the supply chain in China has also been instrumental to keeping the cost down,” he added.

The roadmap is to introduce a generation of phone per year and will also limit the number of new models for each generation to a single digit. With the exception of ZenFone Zoom models, the next-generation ZenFone series products are expected to be rolled out in May-June 2016.

ZenFones are good reliable beasties.  We have two of them in the house and they do what they are told with the minimum effort.  Technology is not something you are supposed to think about, it is just supposed to do what you want. 

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